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No Refund Explanation and Options:

Many racers have questions about refunds. Around 3 days prior to a race we have racers bombard us with the question can I get a refund. They all have justified reasons in their minds ranging from a family event came up (wedding, funeral, vacation), or related to their body (illness, injury, poor training). Though our policy is firm "No Refunds" people still ask. Even though we have racers sign this policy at time of registration, they still ask. Not to diminish your situation but pretty much every race company has a similar policy to "No Refunds". The reason for such a policy is not to be heartless but to be able to stay in business. If you register we buy you things like t-shirts, medals, food, permits for race, bus seats, support, and more. If we offered refunds within 72 hours prior to the race we would lose the money we spent on your shirts, bus, medals and food. You may feel that permits we can get refunded on but even permits have scalable fees based on how many racers are signed up. Drop13 pays the US Forest Service 5% of our gross not net fees to them. 

Unlike other race companies, we strive to offer other options that can help you out. An example is we buy medals 60-90 days in advance. Tshirts 10 to 30 days in advance. Food 7 days in advance. Buses 60 to 90 days in advance. Volunteers 7 to 60 days depending on Paid Groups or individual volunteers. Permits are started 9 to 12 months in advance. Because some things have some flexibility and we can recover some we offer options other race companies do not like Deferrals and Transfers up to 15 days prior to the race for a fee (see Refund Policy)  We also offer Race Insurance at the time of registration for only $2.99 to 8.1% of your race fee depending on your race fee which covers most situations that may arise. We strongly recommend signing up for this insurance at registration time because race fees grow as race day approaches. Many racers will wait to register to confirm a weather will be good race day and do not account for race fees increasing around 30% between registration starting 9 to 12 months out and race day fees. Insurance covers Severe weather.

Other Options if within 15 days before race day:

Utah Race Saver (Not affiliated with On Hill Events) 

If you did not purchase Race Insurance at the time of registration or are within the 15-day option for deferrals or transfers your only option is to give or sell your bib to another racer. It is your responsibility to sell or give your bib to another racer. We do not handle the transactions or sell them for you. If you do not know who can purchase your bib you can post it on the Facebook group Utah Race Saver  to sell it. Often you can sell it for less than what it is currently being sold at because the fees go up the closer the race gets. Reminder all exchanges via email to us at  must be finalized 96 hours prior to race day or you will incur a $5 transfer fee and must be done the day prior at packet pickup. Just have the person you gave or sold it to come to packet pickup the day prior with $5 cash. At 96 hours prior to race day we stuff and label race packets. 

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